A Moment in Time

By Eddie Kennedy

Directed by John Dougan

~~ ICTA Festival Performance ~~

Friday, March 29, 2019

ICTA Festival 2019 Dates
March 28-31, 2019

In this new and shattering play, Mr. Kennedy again displays his dramatic power and uncompromising honesty as he deals with a real and tragic situation. A family in the midst of divorce has come to the emergency room of a hospital where the son, Kevin, is hovering between life and death after an automobile accident. As the splintered family waits together, uncomfortable facts about Kevin's pre-accident behavior begin to emerge, suggesting that, in fact, the accident may have been a suicide. This is a play that will deeply concern your audience, and perhaps some of them will start recognizing questions at a time when it is still possible to find answers. Splendid roles for your cast and an important theme.

Who's Who in the Cast and Crew

Role Actor
Katherine Sara Collins
Laura Amy McGhghy
Richard Conor Fudge
Nancy Sarah Malsom
Charles Dune Carter
Alice Lizzy McGhghy
Brian Liam Dougan
Nurse Linda Dougan
Nurse's Aid Scott Schaeffer
PA Announcements Jenn Beukema
Production Staff
Stage Manager Scott Schaeffer
Props Linda Dougan
Sound Cathi Wickett
Jeff Carter
Kristine Perkins
Set Design John Dougan
Costumes Cast
Makeup Cast
Hair Cast


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