Directed by: Nancy Schwickerath, Sue Woods & Barry Hurto

Production: February 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th & 27th: 2005

Principal Characters
Younger Adam: Eric Sorbo
Younger Eve: Rochelle Hinderaker
Older Adam: Linn Reisetter
Older Eve: Judy Richmond
Snake: John Taylor

Mark Twain: Bryan Healy
Theodosius T. Ledbetter: Barry Hurto

Stage Manager: Bobbette Palmer
Poster/Playbill: Sue Woods
Set: John Taylor, Rochelle Hinderaker, Sue Woods, Lawrence Ewing, Jr., Nancy Schwickerath, Judy Richmond, Linn Reisetter, Mary Thompson, Lori Hackathorn
Costumes: Sue Beukema
Lights: Tom Healy, MIchael Healy, Adam Van Arkel
Sound: Pam Ratliff

Special Thanks
Beckman's Gallery (Evergeen Trees)
Glower on The Courtyard (Wines)
Art-A-La-Carte & Cathy Rickers (Signs)
Party Palisades (Linn's Suit)

"The Diaries of Adam & Eve"

Written near the end of Mark Twain's life and career, The Diaries of Adam & Eve are perhaps his wisest, most personal work. For many readers familiar only with Twain's tales of mischievous boys and cranky vernacular characters, The Diaries - one of the great love stories of all time - will come as a real surprise. Written as a tribute to his own marriage, Twain reveals his most he artful and personal work that is also remarkably contemporary. In tackling the first three chapters of Genesis, Twain create a story of The First Couple who are psychologically familiar to eve 21st Century Americans. While managing to indulge personal and cultural sentiment without succumbing to what Huck Finn calls "soul butter and hogwash." Twain's wry humor is matched by a heartbreaking tenderness. And it was only in Eve that Twain ever wrote from a woman's viewpoint.

"An Evening With Mark Twain"

For the second half of the bill, a Gentleman of Note has arrived to address the group. Newton Community Theatre is pleased to announce that the perpetrator of "The Diaries of Adam and Eve," Mr. Mark Twain himself, will appear to deliver brief (or extensive) remarks. Bryan Healy reprises his role as America's best loved humorist in a solo performance that will make you laugh, think and maybe cry a little. Since appearing as Mark Twain on the NCT stage more than ten years ago, Bryan has played to groups from Newton to Chicago and from Koekuk to Madison. He performs several times each season aboard the Steamboat Julie Belle Swain on the Mississippi River in LaCrosse, WI.