Directed by: Pam Ratliff & Dan Schlup

Production: October 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th & 14th: 2006

Produced with special arrangements by Baker's Plays


Miribelle Coventry: Judy Richmond

Delilah Tentrees: Tammy Bainbridge

Libby: Amy Weaver

Elmira: Skye Westendorf

Florence: Angie White

Officer Judy O'Brien: Pam DeBruyn

Aunt Minnie: Mel Wilson

Socrates: Lonnie Appleby

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Bobbette Palmer

Set Construction: Bill Goodman, Lonnie Appleby, Woody Woodman, Mary Thompson, Skye Westendorf, Judy RichmondJanet Wiand, Mary Thompson and cast

Props: Janet Wiand, Mary Thompson and cast

Costumes: Sue Beukema, Linda Schafer and cast

Official Photographer: Bernie Kaye

Lighting Designer: Tim Blount

Light Crew: Janet Wiand

Sound: Woody Woodman

Make-up & Hair: Cast

Special thanks:

To all our families for their help and understanding