Ham Buns and Potato Salad

By Tom Vander Well of Pella, IA

Directed by Mel Wilson
Assistant Director Zach Bey

~~ Performances ~~

Oct 9, 10, 15 & 16 at 7:30 pm

Oct 11 & 17 at 2:00 pm

When Thomas Prins was 18 his hometown of Hebron, Iowa (population 318) was boiling in a scandal that was never resolved. His neighbor and childhood sweetheart, Marian De Haas, was found to be pregnant. Thomas packed his bags and left for college in New York City. He went to school, found unexpected success as a writer, and never looked back.

Twelve years later, after his parents lose their lives in a tragic auto accident, Thomas has no choice but to return home. The town prepares for the funeral and the local residents are atwitter that “Tommy” is finally coming home after all these years. With his return, heat is turned up on the old scandal which has quietly simmered in the town’s collective conscience since his departure. Marian’s parents, Dean and Betty De Haas, along with her Aunt Lola and Uncle Arl impatiently await Tommy’s arrival as they gossip about what took place between Tommy, Marian and fellow classmate Matt Schuler.

Ham Buns and Potato Salad is a play about going home. It’s about small town quirks and human frailties. It’s about fear, grief and hope. It’s about confronting our past and stepping into our future.

Cast of Characters:

Dean De Haas  --  Father of Marion. The gentle, kind and amiable “peacemaker.”
Arl Van Dam
  --  Marian’s Uncle. Well intentioned but cantankerous and opinionated.
Lola Van Dam
  --  Arl’s wife & Marian’s Aunt. The champion of any who have “escaped” Hebron.
Betty De Haas
  --  Marian’s mother. Lola’s older sister. Loving and concerned.
Abby De Haas
  --  The sweet, intelligent 12 year old daughter of Marian.
Marian De Haas
  --  Schoolteacher and Mother of Abby. Centerpiece of an old town scandal.
Bob “Old Man” Schuler
  --  A Vietnam vet, feared for his legendary “spells” (flashbacks).
Gladys Iskowitch
  --  Thomas’ agent. An older Jewish dame from a New York show business family.
Thomas Prins
  --  Native of Hebron who made it as a playwright in New York, returning home for the first time in years.
Matt Schuler
  --  Son of “Old Man” Schuler. Still living in the glory days of high school.

Our Cast

 Dean De Haas: John Dougan

Betty De Haas: Tammy Sposeto

Marian De Haas: Nicole Titus

Abby De Haas: Darian Morrison

Arl Van Dam: Matt LaShomb

Lois Van Dam: Debbie LaShomb

Thomas Prins: Michael Garrison

Gladys Iskowitch: Robin Stoner

Old Man Schuler: Mike McKenna

Matt Schuler: Korry Stephenson