Written by: Kate Finn & Rick Weiss

Directed by: Pauline Hesson

Production: March 20th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, 27th & 28th: 2009

The naughty musical Hot Flashes features a group of women who will not go quietly into "the change". Instead, these silver foxes will groove toward their golden years with fun tunes, double entendres and the attitude that women, like wine, cheese and 401(k) plans, get better with time. 


Sharon – Sandy Olsthoorn

Marvela – Mary Ellen Wadzinski

Kate – Linda Perrenoud

Lynn – Judy Richmond

Announcer – Terry Faidley

Piano - Greta Wallace

Keyboard/Bass - Cathi Wickett

Drums - Pat Moriarity


Music Director – Cathi Wickett

Stage Manager – Sue Beukema

Set – Harvey Olsthoorn

Costumes – Sue Beukema & Cast

Props – Cast

Lights – Tim Blount, Wanda Blount & Mel Wilson

Sound – Ryan Hall

Choreography – Pauline Hesson & Amanda Roberts

Special Thanks: Gregg & Deb Rivers – Cruise Sign Ilene Brass,     Fred Chabot and Park Center - walkers