Directed by: Steve McKinstry & Carolyn McKinstry

Production: October: 1996

Produced with special arrangements with Samual French


Baron Von Franksenstein: Steven McKinstry

Ygor: John Keller

The Monster: Jean Cleere

Frau Lurker: Remona Morgan

Baroness Von Frankenstein: Linda Malsom

Harry Talbot: Bob Holley

Countess Ilona Bathory: Lynette Baker

The Phantom of the Opera: Sean Broyles

Count Vlad Dracula: Andrew Malsom

Isabel Channing: Carolyn McKinstry

The Invisable Man: Jim Cleere

Production Staff

Script Persons: Ruth Stevermer, Sherry Mae

Piano: John Mattingly, Greta Wallace

Stage Manager: Jane Swihart

Stage Crew: Royanna Stidham, Shirley Fischer

Sound: Jim Cleere

Lights: Eric O'Leary, Lea Chabot, Andrew Brandt, Andrew Malsom

Props: Bobetter Palmer, Joy Stout, Ryan Shipley, Lea Chabot

Costumes: Brenda Curtis, Lea Chabot, Mimi Chabot, Ann Hanson

Set Design: Gregg Rivers

Director of Construction: Tim Rivers

Set Crew & Painters: Cathi Heck, Amanda Heck, Debbie Rivers, Lea Chabot, Nathan Damico, Judi O'Conner, Mike Cutler, Paul Hasbrouck, Joey Kapayou, Andrew Malsom

Make-up: Sheryl Kunch, Lori Korti, Deb Horning