Directed by: Linda Campbell and Linda Perrenoud

Production: June 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th: 1993

Produced with special arrangements from Samuel French


Max, Assistant to Saunders: Andrew Zahn

Maggie, Max's girlfriend: Nikole Kalatzakis

Saunders, Maggie's father, General Manager of the Cleveland Opera Company: Steve McKinstry

Bell Hop: Eric Johnson

Tito Merelli, a world famous tenor, known also to his fans as llStupendo: Mike Orthel

Maria, Tito's wife: Julie Auten

Diana, a soprano: Barb Woythaler

Julie, Chairman of the Opera Guild: Micky Anderson

Production Staff and Crews

Stage Manager: Bob Price

Lighting & Sound: Tim Blount, chairperson; Mike Moyers, Bill Perrenoud, Pauline Hesson, Wanda Blount

Set Design & Construction: Harvey Olsthoorn, chairperson; Sandy Olsthoorn, Deanna Ihde

Set Decoration: Rick Stewart, chairperson; John Kleinschrodt

Props: Janice Price, chairperson; Carol Kingery

Script Assistant: Jane Swihart

Costumes & Make-up: Janet Trease & Lynn Keller, co-chairs; Courtney Chabot, Anne Terpstra, Tammy Humpal, Mike Czerweic II

Hair Design: Tesha Huffaker

House Manager: John McNeer

Publicity & Playbill: Mary Pretzer 

Special thanks to:

Larchwood Florists

Leutholds Clothing