Directed by Wanda Blount & Rachel Faidley

2014 Show Dates and Times
 March 14, 15, 18
, 20, 21 & 22 at 7:30 PM
March 16 at 2:00 PM

* * *   Audition Details   * * *

Dec 15, 2013
4:00 - 5:00 PM..........Children between 8 years of age and 8th grade
5:00 - 7:00 PM..........Adults

Dec 16, 2013
6:00 - 7:00 PM..........Children between 8 years of age and 8th grade
7:00 - 9:00 PM..........Adults

Auditions for “Les Miserables” will be held on Sunday, December 15 from 4:00-7:00 and again on Monday, December 16 from 6:00-9:00.  Call backs, if necessary will be held on Tuesday, December 17.  Due to the nature of this production, auditions will be held a bit differently than is typical.  There are 12 principal parts:  Jean Valjean, Javert, The Bishop, Fantine, Little Cosette, Cosette, M and Madame Thenardier (the innkeepers), Gavroche (a street urchin), Eponine, Marius and Enjolras (the leader of the students).  In addition, there is a large ensemble consisting of the chain gang, factory workers, the poor, constables, sailors, whores, pimps, etc.

There will be no script reading at our auditions.  Rather we are asking everyone who wishes to audition to prepare the excerpt of “The People's Song”.  Please consider how you as a potential member of the cast can dramatically portray the power of this song.  We will review the song prior to beginning the auditions but suggest that those auditioning consider how they would deliver this excerpt on stage.

The PeoplesSongexcerpt.pdf The PeoplesSongexcerpt.pdf
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If you are interested in auditioning for one of the principal parts listed above, we have chosen a group of songs to use for our auditions.  We would ask that you choose one and prepare it for your audition.  An accompanist will be present to accompany you.  These songs were chosen from other musical productions because of their range of dramatic potential.  Due to copyright law we cannot provide the music here.  To obtain your own copy please go to (see direct links to the proper sheet music below).  Type in the title of the song.  Choose the version from the Broadway production.  Pay for your copy and download and print.  Your payment gives you the rights to one copy.

Your song choices are:
  • “All I Ask of You” from The Phantom of the Opera
    Get the sheet music here!
    (This is a great choice, though not required, if you are interested in the roles of Marius, Cosette or Eponine.)
If you plan to audition for a principal role, then please prepare a selection from one of our audition pieces above.
You may prepare the entire song, or a portion thereof.  Please sing at least 32 measures.  Remember, your goal is to show us what you can do dramatically through song.

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Children auditioning for Gavroche or Young Cosette do not need to prepare anything other than “The People's Song”.  Also, please note that children must be 8 years or older to audition.

If you have any questions regarding auditions please send an email to Rachel at or Wanda at