Mama Won't Fly

By Jones, Hope, Wooten

Directed by Mary Thompson
Assistant Director Mike Myers

~~ Performances ~~

Oct 4, 5, 10, 11 & 12, 2019

Doors open at 7PM, Showtime 7:30 PM

Oct 6, 2019
Doors open at 1:30 PM, Showtime 2PM

Tickets will go on sale September 23, and are $12.00 for adults and $10.00 for youth. For reservations, call our Box Office at 641-792-1230. The box office is staffed weekdays, starting September 23, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and 6:30-8:00 pm, and one hour before each performance.

July 29 & 30, 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Parts Available:  2 men, 6 women

An outrageously hilarious race against the clock begins when Savannah agrees to get her feisty mother all the way from Alabama to California in time for her brother's wedding. Savannah's problem: Mama won't fly. With only four days to make it to the ceremony, this determined daughter has no choice but to drive cross-country with her equally willful mother, Norleen, in Mama's vintage sedan. As Savannah steels herself for this hastily conceived road trip, another complication arises: the bubbly, over-eager bride-to-be arrives unannounced. Hayley Quinn is convinced that travelling together to her wedding is the perfect way to bond. The folly of her decision quickly becomes apparent when the journey begins and comedic chaos ensues. Every conceivable mishap that can occur does, including the theft of their car and all their clothes, a near-fatal encounter at an underwear museum, the accidental homicide of an ancient Texas relative, a mad dash across the desert in a hijacked eighteen-wheeler. Eventually the race to get to the church on time takes its toll and the bride calls off the wedding. Norleen and Savannah work together to get the nuptials back on track. In a surprising and heartwarming resolution, they forge an exciting new path for their own relationship and welcome Hayley into their delightfully wacky family!

Role Description
Norleen Sprunt Female, age 60-75, spirited, tenacious. Is a meddler by nature.
Savannah Honeycutt Female, age 35-48, southern businesswoman, feisty. Owns an upscale accessories shop and is Norleen’s daughter.
Haley Quinn Female, age 25-30, about to marry Norleen’s son; loveable, high-energy, nervous about meeting her future family and has a history of the worst luck in the world.
Woman 1 (Tanya / Aunt Rema Jean / Edweena / Kiki) Age 25-50. Will play various characters:
Tanya is big-haired, flashy realtor, acts in local community theater.
Aunt Rema Jean is fun-loving country matron at a backyard barbeque.
Edweena is a church lady leading a protest march.
Kiki is a Vegas bimbo, excited, she’s hooked an older man who’s got money.
Woman 2 (Essie / Great Aunt Pawnee / Fanny / Sybil) Age 35-80. Will play various characters:
Essie is a tour guide at a the Bra Museum, a hoot.
Great Aunt Pawnee is the matriarch at the backyard barbeque, physical comedy but no lines.
Fanny is a church lady leading a protest march.
Sybil is well-dressed wife (for 2 more wks) who has catfight with Teeta about her husband marrying the bimbo, Kiki.
Woman 3 (Aunt Ardale / Juliette / Teeta) Age 35-60. Will play various characters:
Aunt Ardale is a bible-totin’ golddigger at the backyard barbeque.
Juliette is a hard-livin’, tough-as-nails tipsy woman in the only bar (aka the only business) in Nickle Bone—wide spot in the road.
Teeta is tough, ex-showgirl in Vegas, licensed to marry couples, has catfight with Sybil and one with Kiki.
Man 1 Age 35-55. Will play various characters:
Denton Crocker
Cousin Chicken
Officer Dugger
Man 2 Age 35-55. Will play various characters:
Uncle Ferd

Who's Who in the Cast and Crew

Role Actor
Norleen Sprunt Judy Richmond
Savannah Honeycutt Debbie LaShomb
Tanya Dudley / Kiki Linda Dougan
Denton Crocker / Officer Dugger / Ronald Mike McKenna
Haley Quinn Julie Goodman
Essie / Great Aunt Pawnee / Sybil Robin Stoner
Aunt Rema Jean / Fanny Karen Quinn
Aunt Ardale / Edweena Linda Shafer
Cousin Chicken / Mitch / Spud Farley Matt LaShomb
Uncle Ferd / Mickey / Red / Kelvin Gabe Swersie
Juliette / Teeta Rachel Faidley
Production Staff
Stage Manager Jennifer Brown
Stage Crew Amelia Brown
Grace Taylor
Joel Brown
Rachel Swerzie
Props Rachel Myers
Lights Wade Klingensmith
Joe Klingensmith
Andy Malsom
Sound Matt Holmes
Set Design/Construction Austin Brown
Painting Austin Brown
Jennifer Brown
Amelia Brown
Joel Brown
Costumes Cast
Makeup Cindy Healey
Hair Cast


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