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Cast & Crew & Their families

Showcase Coordinator: Sue Beukema

Production: August 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th & 26th: 2000


No Business, Like Show Business: Jim Cleere
In The Still of the Night: Melody Unlimited* (Solo by Gregg Rivers)
Beach Boys Medley: Melody Unlimited
Pick A Pocket/Consider Yourself: Kids Group
Burns & Allen: John Taylor & Lynnette Baker
Home: Sandy Olsthoorn & Dan Critchfield
Singing in the Rain: Kids Group
Burns & Allen: John & Lynnette
The WOman in Me: Janet Hardenbrook
In This Life: Christina Kostes
Wind Beneath My Wings: JoAnn Jackson
Wide Open Spaces: Dixie Chicks
Harmonica Guy: Greg Woods
Lime Jello Marshmellow Cottage Cheese Surprise: Karen Keninger
French Monolog/Song: Elaine Mattingly
Brush Up Your Shakespere: John Taylor & Tim Wilcox
Harmonia Guy: Greg Woods
Dream A Little Dream: Mamais & Papais
Monday, Monday: Mamais & Papais


Sensational Sixties: Harmony Girls
If You Could Read My Mind: Mike Wignall
Teach Your Children: Gary Kopsa, Andy Malsom, Mike Wignall
Halleluia, I Love Him So: JoAnn Jackson
I Dreamed a Dream: Barb Wilcox
River Dance: Suzanne Von Seggern & Andy Malsom
Burns & Allen: John & Lynnettte
You Let Me Choose: Jamie McNamara
Pie Jesu: Whitney Hanson
One Heart: Jim Cleere & Heather Titus
The Great Divide: Harmony Girls
Burns & Allen: John & Lynnette
Pretty Young Men: Elaine Mattingly, Kathy Smith & Cara McCulley
Boy From New York City: Bethany Trotter
Brother Love: Gary Kopsa & Halleluia Girls
In HIs Eyes: Suzanne Von Seggern & Sandy Olsthoorn
No Business, Like Show Business


Master of Ceremonies: Jim Cleere

Piano: Jill Clapper, Elaine Mattingly, John Mattingly & Greta Wallace

Kids Group: Jessica Christopher, Ian Day, Courtney Hammond,
Katie Healy, Michael Healy, Tom Healy, Aaron Kopsa, Austin Kopsa, Anna Sciarrotta, Barbara Wilcox, Greg Woods, Adena Worthington

Dixie Chicks: Janet Hardenbrook, Jamie McNamara, Bethany Trotter

Mamais & Papais: Lea Chabot, Sandy Olsthoorn, Gary Kopsa,
Mike Wignall

Harmony Girls: Kathy Ashburn, Sue Beukema, Betty Carr,
Vera Christopher, Janet Hardenbrook, Christina Kostes,
Nancy Oliver, Joy Stout, Linda Ver Steegt

Halleluia Girls: Lea Chabot, JoAnn Jackson, Kay Kopsa,
LeAnn Schwickerath


Showcase Audition Committee: Kathy Ashburn, Jim Cleere,
Mark Jacobs, Bobbette Palmer, Judy Petersen, Pam Ratliff,
Gerard Schwickerath, Greta Wallace

State Manager: Bobbette Palmer

Poster/Cover Design: Wanda Blount

Costumes: Cast

Kids Coordinators: Suzanne Von Seggern & Melinda Worthington

Lights: Tim Blount, Wanda Blount, Jennifer Beukema, Pam Ratliff

Sounds: Jim Cleere

Props: Judy Petersen and cast

Set: Harvey Olsthoorn, Deanna Ihde