Newton Community Theatre

The Shock of Recognition

By: Robert Anderson

Performed in the IACT Festive
March 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th: 2005
Newton Community Theatre
Newton, Iowa

Setting: A producers office

Jack Barnstable: Mark Monroe
Herb Miller: Gary Kopsa
Dorothy: Lorie Hackathron
Richard Pawling: Sean Carlock

Director: Julie Goodman
Lights: Tim Blount
Sound: John Taylor

"The Shock of Recognition breaks in on a difference of opinion between…an earned young dramatist and…his matter-of-fact producer who doesn't like the opening moment of the play. A wife is having breakfast in bed and she says something to her husband, who is in the bathroom. So he comes out, jaybird naked, and yells to her, 'You know I can't hear you when the water's running'. The producer doesn't think this confrontation is quite nice or necessary. The author insists that the scene is quite important-and, after all, it lasts only an instant. So a quarrel over fast develops, and a job-hunting actor…becomes involved. He early begins to strip, demonstrating how he would handle the role. Also involved is…the producer's secretary." -NY Daily News

Produced with special arrangements by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.