By: Frederick Knott

Directed by: Lonnie Appleby & Wanda Blount

Production: October 9th, 10th, 15th, 16th & 17th: 2009


Susy – Amy Dybsetter
Mike – John Dougan
Carlino – Terry Faidley
Gloria – Haley Revell
Roat – Kelly W. Peavey
Sam – Lonnie Appleby
Patrolman #1 – Mike McKenna
Patrolman #2 – Barry Hurto

A sinister con man, Roat, and two ex-convicts, Mike and Carlino, are about to meet their match. They have traced the location of a mysterious doll, which they are much interested in, to the Greenwich Village apartment of Sam Hendrix and his blind wife, Susy. Sam had apparently been persuaded by a strange woman to transport the doll across the Canadian border, not knowing that sewn inside were several grams of heroin. When the woman is murdered the situation becomes more urgent. The con man and his ex-convicts, through a cleverly constructed deception, convince Susy that the police have implicated Sam in the woman's murder, and the doll, which she believes is the key to his innocence, is evidence. She refuses to reveal its location, and with the help of a young neighbor, figures out she is the victim of a bizarre charade. But when Roat kills his associates, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues between the two. Susy knows the only way to play fair is by her rules, so when darkness falls she turns off all the lights leaving both of them to maneuver in the dark until the game ends.

Production staff

Stage managers:                                                               Janet Wiand

Poster/playbill design:                                       Stephanie Alexander

Set:                                 Sue Beukema, Mike Beukema, John Dougan,    

                     Brad Downs, Keri Downs, Terry Faidley, Rachel Faidley,         

                         Jake Kmiec, Tim Kono, Harvey Olsthoorn, Mel Wilson

Painting:         Alexa Bainbridge, Tammy Bainbridge, Darline Sposeto,
                      Frank Sposeto III, Frankie Sposeto IV, Virginia Sposeto,     

                                                          Stormy Storm, Michael Thrasher

Costumes:                                                        Sue Beukema and cast

Props:                       Connie Jagau, Bobbette Palmer, Judy Peterson,
                                                                           Pat Riemenschneider

Lights:                                                         Tim Blount, Wanda Blount

Sound:                                                                                   Ryan Hall

Make-up:                                                                           Cindy Healy

Special thanks to:

PJ’s Deli

Custom Kitchen Designs


Razors Edge