Book by Thomas Meehan, Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Directed by: Sue Buekema & Rachel Faidley

March 19, 20, 21, 25, 26 & 27 2010

Based on the popular comic strip, Annie tells the extraordinary story of a little orphan who spends ends up in the lap of luxury with Depression-era billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Unlike most of the other children at Miss Hannigan's orphanage, spunky Annie believes that her parents are still alive and will one day return to claim her. So when Mr. Warbucks offers to adopt her, she asks the most powerful man in America to help find her real mom and dad instead, and he agrees. Warbucks' whopping reward for Annie's parents attracts the attention of con artists Rooster, Lily and the wicked Miss Hannigan, who hatch a plot to kidnap Annie and take the $50,000 reward. But don't fret: This classic family musical has a happy ending for Annie, Daddy Warbucks and the whole gang. 

Production Staff

Stage Manager:  Cindy Healy, Ellen Schumann, Mary Thompson
Poster/Playbill Cover:  Stephanie Alexander
Playbill:  Kathy Ashburn
Script Assistant:  Robin Stoner
Costumes:  Sue Beukema , Barb Barnett, Robin Stoner, Ann Hansen, Lanette Peavey, Keri Downs, Lorie Vande Zante
Light Crew:  Tim Blount, Wanda Blount, Pam Ratliff
Set Crew:  Harvey Olsthoorn, Sandy Olsthoorn
Painting:  Monica Wimer, Michael Thrasher
Sound:  Pam Ratliff
Props:  Linda Schaffer, Monica Wimer, Keri Downs, Echo Downs, Zoe Downs
Make-up:  Cindy Healey, Pete Sciarrotta, Mryna Osten, Kat Clayton, Zinze Van Wyk, Katie Healy, Carol Camp
Hair:  Kelly Van Wyk, Kelly Lange, Sarena Paul
Special Thanks:  Art A La Carte, Pella Christian High School


Annie - Grace Kingery, Danielle Heikkila
Duffy - Natalie Camp
Buffy - Ashley Ambroson
Kate - Hannah Ness
Shirley - Kaylee Lange
Pepper - Kylee Laffoon
Judy - Emily Mehmen
July - Leslie Pence
June - Mackenzie Quick
Tessie - Alexandra Reynolds
Jessie - Brianna Fuller
Molly - Alayna Reynolds, Hannah Boecker
Ella - Jessica  Reynolds
Beverley - Cheyenne Schaeffer
Little Orphans - Hanna Clark, Zoe Hall, Abbey Hunt, Hannah Schwickerath, Lauren Zaabel
Miss Hannigan - Sandy Olsthoorn
Rooster - Terry Faidley
Lily - Anna Sciarrotta-Layton
Warbucks - Kelly W. Peavey
Grace - Katie Healy
Drake - Sean Healy
Bundles/Howe - Zain Van Wyk
Lt. Ward/Ickees - Tom Richmond
Bert Healy/Morganthau - John Dougan
Fred McCracken - Tim Stammeyer
Jimmy Johnson - Zain Van Wyk
Brandeis - Michael Talbot
Hull - Larry Ambroson
Francis Perkins - Mel Wilson
Roosevelt - Scott Schaeffer
Connie Boylan/Servant - Connie Jagau
Ronnie Boylan/Star-to-Be - Natalie Lourens
Bonnie Boylan/Usherette - Desiray Lange
Mrs. Greer - Judy Richmond
Mrs. Pugh - Joy Stout
Cecille - Ellen Schumann
Annette - Mary Ellen Wadzinski
Servant - Lynia Ghormley, Bailee Shipley, Micaela Sciarrotta
Chauffeur/Delivery Man - Michael Thrasher
NBC Sound Effects - Micaela Sciarrotta, Bailee Shiplee
Sandy - Orian Healy
NYC Dogs - Toby Huff,  Schwickerath Family
Dog Catcher/NYC Kid - Mitch Anderson, Dallas Schaeffer, C J Schwarz
Hooverville/NYC Kids - Abigail Swersie, Rachel Swersie, Rebekah Swersie, Liam Dougan
Hooverville Ensemble - Larry Ambroson, John Dougan, Lynia Ghormley, Desiray Lange, Connie Jagau, Natalie Lourens, Judy Richmond, Ellen Schumann, Tim Stammeyer, Joy Stout, Michael Talbot, Zain Van Wyk, Mary Ellen Wadzinski, Mel Wilson


Piano:  Diane Fuller
 Pam Andrews, Nancy Wright
Saxophone Jean Ibbotson
 Joel Jones, Becky Miller
Cello Alisha Jones
 Warren Erickson, Lowell Halfhill
Bass Fred Chabot
 Linda Anderson,  Marcia Kearney
Percussion Cathi Wickett
 Kimberly Rubino