Past Productions 

Production Date of Opening Director
Assistant Director(*)
Director's Assistant(**)
Music Director
Steel Magnolias March, 2024 Scott Schaeffer
Mary Thompson
Das Barbec├╝ December, 2023 Stephanie Alexander Rachel Faidley
Girls' Weekend 2 - The Bachelorette Party September, 2023 Mel Wilson
Debbie LaShomb **
Getting Gary June, 2023 Mary Thompson
Angel Street (Gaslight) (Festival) March, 2023 Michael Garrison
Sara Collins *
A Christmas Carol December, 2022 Suzanne Von Seggern
Carolyn Warrick
Suzanne Von Seggern
Misery September, 2022 Zach Bey
Something Rotten! July, 2022 Wanda Blount
Rachel Faidley
Alibis March, 2022 Robin Stoner
The Sounds of Christmas 2021 December, 2021 Suzanne Von Seggern
Pauline Hesson
All Together Now (fundraiser) November, 2021 Multiple
110 Stories September, 2021 Shawn Pavlik
Michael Garrison *
Dinner With Friends June, 2021 Wanda Blount
Choices! Choices! March, 2021 Mel Wilson
It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play December, 2020 Linda Dougan
What To Expect When You're Expecting Your In-Laws October, 2020 John Dougan
Calendar Girls August, 2020 Scott Schaeffer & Mel Wilson
Jekyll and Hyde - The Musical March, 2020 Jeff Carter Chas Beeler
A Nice Family Christmas December, 2019 Mel Wilson
Mama Won't Fly October, 2019 Mary Thompson & Mike Meyers*
The Crucible June, 2019 Zach Bey & Jeff Carter
Mary Poppins March, 2019 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
A Christmas Story December, 2018 Sandy Olsthoorn & Jeff Carter*
Noises Off October, 2018 Rachel Faidley & Terry Faidley
A Few Good Men May, 2018 John Dougan & Shawn Pavlik*
MAME March, 2018 Wanda Blount
A High Country Christmas December, 2017 Pam Ratliff & Mary Thompson
Girls' Weekend October, 2017 Mel Wilson
Always a Bridesmaid June, 2017 Linda Dougan & Conor Fudge*
PVT. Wars March/April, 2017 John Dougan
Jesus Christ Superstar March, 2017 Sue Beukema Cathi Wickett
It's A Wonderful Life December, 2016 Sue Beukema & Pam Ratliff
Caucus! The Musical - 2016 Edition (So Much Material) October, 2016 John Dougan Rachel Faidley
Leaving Iowa May, 2016 Mary Thompson & Frank Sposeto*
The Producers March, 2016 Sue Beukema Rachel Faidley
Yes Viriginia, There is A Santa Claus December, 2015 Sue Beukema & Pam Ratliff
Ham Buns and Potato Salad October, 2015 Mel Wilson
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat June, 2015 Melinda Worthington & Cindy Healy* Cathi Wickett
The Hallelujah Girls (Festival) April 2015 Sue Beukema & John Dougan*
No Sex Please, We're British February, 2015 John Dougan & Linda Dougan
Christmas in Comfort December, 2014 Sue Beukema & Pam Ratliff
Exit the Body: Farce Mystery October, 2014 Steven McKinstry & John Keller*
The Odd Couple May, 2014 Jamie Grout & Marilyn Humke
Les Miserables March, 2014 Wanda Blount Rachel Faidley
A Christmas Carol December, 2013 Sue Beukema & Pam Ratliff
The Dixie Swim Club October, 2013 John Dougan & Scott Schaeffer
The Big Five-Oh! June, 2013 Mary Thompson & Mel Wilson
Lonestar (Festival) April, 2013 Wanda Blount
Oklahoma! March, 2013 Sue Beukema Rachel Faidley
Miracle on 34th Street December, 2012 Sue Beukema & Pam Ratliff
The Mousetrap October, 2012 Linda Campbell & Jamie Grout
The Glass Menagerie June, 2012 Steve Kohtz & Tammy Sposeto*
South Pacific March, 2012 Sue Beukema & Robin Stoner* Rachel Faidley
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever December, 2011 Meredith McKay & Steve Kohtz
Arsenic and Old Lace October, 2011 Mary Thompson & Skye Westendorf
Proof June, 2011 Wanda Blount & John Dougan
Godspell (Festival) March, 2011 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
Godspell March, 2011 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge December, 2010 Sue Beukema & Skye Westendorf
Dial 'M' for Murder October, 2010 Wanda Blount, Terry Faidley & John Dougan*
Doubt May, 2010 Wanda Blount & Tim Blount*
Annie March, 2010 Sue Beukema Rachel Faidley
Grandpa Hangs the Holly December, 2009 Terry Faidley & Mel Wilson
Wait Until Dark October, 2009 Lonnie Appleby & Wanda Blount
Caught in the Net June, 2009 Mary Thompson & Lorie Blumeyer
Hot Flashes (Festival) March, 2009 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
Hot Flashes March, 2009 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
Scrooge - The Musical December, 2008 Wanda Blount & Tim Blount* Sherman Van Zee
Dearly Departed September, 2008 Pam Ratliff & Mel Wilson
Run For Your Wife June, 2008 Mary Thompson & Lorie Blumeyer
The Miracle Worker April, 2008 Stephanie Alexander & Sue Beukema*
Home for the Holidays (Melody) December, 2007 Cathi Wickett
Barefoot in the Park October, 2007 Dan Schlup & Mary Thompson
Mornings at Seven June, 2007 Mike Onstank & Jeff Settell
No, No, Nannette March, 2007 Wanda Blount & Tim Blount
Ladies of the Mop (Festival) February, 2007 Pam Ratliff & Lorie Blumeyer
The Winter Wonderettes December, 2006 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
Good Help is So Hard to Murder October, 2006 Pam Ratliff & Dan Schlup
Marrying Walt June, 2006 Sean Carlock
My Fair Lady January, 2006 Pam Ratliff & Sue Beukema Cathi Wickett
It's a Wonderful Life December, 2005 John Taylor & Mary Thompson
Squirrel Lake October, 2005 Wanda Blount & Tim Blount
Wizard of Oz July, 2005 Cindy Healy & Linda Perrenoud Suzanne Von Seggern, Jane Johnson & Joe Tangen
The Shock of Recognition (Festival) March, 2005 Julie Goodman
The Diaries of Adam & Even & An Evening with Mark Twain March, 2005 Nancy Schwickerath, Sue Woods Barry Hurto
Shock of Recognition (competition) March, 2005 Julie Goodman & John Taylor
Four Tickets to Christmas (Melody) December, 2004 Gregg Rivers & Cathi Wickett Cathi Wickett
Bull in a China Shop October, 2004 Pam Ratliff & Mike Onstank
Forever Plaid May, 2004 Pauline Hesson Cathi Heck
The Odd Couple (Male Version) March, 2004 Julie Goodman, John Taylor & Angie White*
Miracle on 34th Street December, 2003 Sue Beukema, Pam Ratliff & Nancy Schwickerath*
The Cemetery Club October, 2003 Pam Ratliff, Gerard Schwickerath & Nancy Schwickerath*
Steel Magnolias June, 2003 Michael Czerwiec II
Alice in Wonderland (Festival) March, 2003 Sue Beukema
Kiss Me, Kate March, 2003 Bryan Healy Suzanne Von Seggern
A Christmas Carol (Schario) December, 2002 Kathy Smith & Julie Goodman* Glenda Duffus
A Bad Year for Tomatoes October, 2002 Pam Ratliff & Gerard Schwickerath
The Sound of Music June, 2002 Pat Van Zante Linda Bryant
The Man Who Came to Dinner March, 2002 John Taylor & Lynette Baker
I'll be Home for Christmas (Melody) December, 2001 Cathi Wickett
House of Dracula October, 2001 Steve McKinstry & Carolyn McKinstry
A Summer Showcase August, 2001 Sue Beukema & Jim Cleere
American Dream May, 2001 Elaine Mattingly John Mattingly
Why Do Heroes Have Big Feet (Festival) March, 2001 Lynette Baker
Snoopy March, 2001 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
The Sounds of Christmas December, 2000 Suzanne Von Seggern & Jan Kingery*
Bleacher Bums October, 2000 Mark Jacobs
A Summer Showcase August, 2000 Sue Beukema
A Good Man June, 2000 Pam Ratliff
Fiddler on the Roof March, 2000 Bryan Healy & Cindy Healy* Jennifer Bebout
Memories in the Attic (Melody) December, 1999 Cathi Wickett
Laughter on the 23rd Floor October, 1999 Tony Horton & John Christopher*
A Summer Showcase August, 1999 Sue Beukema
Right Bed, Wrong Husband May, 19999 Koni Bunse & Dave Crow*
Cinderella March, 1999 Pauline Hesson Cathi Wickett
The Sounds of Christmas December, 1998 Suzanne Von Seggern & Jan Kingery*
The Mummy's Claw October, 1998 Steven McKinstry & Carolyn McKinstry*
Love, Sex and the IRS May, 1998 Koni Bunse & Pam Ratliff*
Blood Brothers March, 1998 Wanda Blount & Tim Blount*
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever December, 1997 Joy Stout, Tim Rivers & Melinda Worthington
Arsenic & Old Lace October, 1997 Edward Wade, Roberta Wade & Eric O'Leary*
K-ROX...Midnight Special July, 1997 Mark Burnett
Love Letters May, 1997 Linda Malsom & Lynette Baker*
Anything Goes March, 1997 Suzanne Von Seggern Cathi Heck
I'll Be Home for Christmas (Melody) December, 1996 Cathi Heck
The House of Frankenstein October, 1996 Steve McKinstry & Caroly McKinstry*
The Odd Couple (Female) May, 1996 Linda Malsom & Jim Cleere*
Peter Pan March, 1996 Pauline Hesson, Jane Swihart* & Paula Lureman* Cathi Heck
The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe December, 1995 Joy Stout & Tim Rivers
Money, Power, Murder, Lust, Revenge & Marvelous Clothes October, 1995 Cathi Heck & Tim Rivers* Greta Wallace
Newton Country Connection July, 1995 Harvey Olsthoorn
SS Farndale Ave...Porceline Figures May, 1995 Roberta Wade & Tim Rivers
Annie March, 1995 Wanda Blount & Tim Blount* Warren Erickson & Linda Erickson
Music, Music (Melody) November, 1994 Cathi Heck
Pure as the Driven Snow October, 1994 Barb Woythaler & Sandy Olsthoorn
NKO Radio July, 1994 Koni Bunse & Gregg Shives*
Nunsense II May, 1994 Sandy Olsthoorn & Harvey Olsthoorn*
Little Shop of Horrors March, 1994 Linda Campbell, Jane Swihart* & Tom Weeks*
Farndale Ave...Christmas Carol December, 1993 Roberta Wade & Tim Rivers
Dracula October, 1993 Steve McKinstry & Carolyn McKinstry*
NKO Radio July, 1993 Koni Bunse & Gregg Shives*
Lend Me A Tenor June, 1993 Linda Campbell & Linda Perrenoud
The Music Man March, 1993 Liz Jones Warren Erickson
The Homecoming December, 1992 Chris Wade & Gary Kopsa*
Death by Chocolate October, 1992 Koni Bunse, Roberta Wade & Tim Rivers
K-ROX August, 1992 Paula Lureman & Pauline Hesson*
Only an Orphan Girl May, 1992 Barb Woythaler, Jane Swihart & John Villotti*
Grease March, 1992 Pauline Hesson, Paula Lureman & Jane Swihart* Cathi Heck
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever December, 1991 Chris Wade & Barb Barr*
Nunsense October, 1991 Sandy Olsthoorn & Gerard Schwickerath* Cathi Heck
Opera Iowa May, 1991 Pauline Hesson & Gerard Schwickerath*
Flower Drum Song March, 1991 Suzanne Von Seggern & Jan Myric* Cathi Heck
A Christmas Carol December, 1990 Mark Burnett & Pauline Hesson*
An Evening with Mark Twain October, 1990 Bryan Healy & Barry Hurto*
K-ROX July, 1990 Chris Wade & Paula Lureman
Oklahoma February, 1990 Bob Cohn & Bob Price Warren Erickson
The Girls in 509 December, 1989 Bob Price & Suzanne Von Seggern
Same Time Next Year October, 1989 Jeanne Hopson & Marge Kastner*
K-ROX July, 1989 Chris Wade
Crimes of the Heart May, 1989 Jim Kastner & Steve McKinstry*
Pajama Game March, 1989 Linda Campbell & Ann Krumm Mary Anne Borst & Warren Erickson
On a Clear Day November, 1988 Suzanne Von Seggern & Jamie Grout* Suzanne Von Seggern
On Golden Pond October, 1988 Jim Kastner & Jana Deaton*
The Foreigner May, 1988 Linda Campbell & Carolyn Shaffer*
Camelot March, 1988 Bryan Healy, Cindy Healy & Marge Davidson* John Keller
Once Upon a Mattress December, 1987 Mike Deaton, Roberta Wade* & Tim Rivers* Kristin Newell
Ten Little Indians October, 1987 Jonathan Newell & Jim Kastner*
Who's on First May, 1987 Mike Deaton & Nancy Dunsbergen*
Wizard of Oz March, 1987 Linda Perrenoud & Cindy Healy Cathi Heck
Glass Menagerie November, 1986 Barry Hurto & Tim Blount*
In Persons October, 1986 Warren Erickson
The Good Doctor May, 1986 Linda Campbell, Liz Jones & Terry Bradley*
Funny Girl March, 1986 Wanda Van Vark Sandy Prendergast & Terry Bradley
A Christmas Carol December, 1985 Rick Vanderwall & Koni Scarbrough*
The Pleasure of His Company October, 1985 Frances Murry & Barry Hurto*
Blithe Spirit May, 1985 Mike Deaton, Nancy Deaton* & Jana Deaton*
Snoopy March, 1985 Linda Perrenoud Paula Lureman
Come Blow Your Horn December, 1984 Bob Price & Linda Perrenoud*
I Do I Do October, 1984 Liz Jones & Marlene Bang* Lois Egenes
See How They Run May, 1984 Rick Vanderwall & Libby Vanderwall
Annie Get Your Gun March, 1984 Bryan Healy & Cindy Healy* Maria Sinley
Abey's Irish Rose December, 1983 Frances Murry & John Taylor*
The Haunting of Hill House October, 1983 Mike Deaton & Sue Van Waardhuizen*
Death Trap May, 1983 Wanda Van Vark & Lea Chabot*
Guys and Dolls March, 1983 Linda Campbell & Ann Krumm Lois Egenes
Auntie Mame December, 1982 Mike Deaton & John Nemmers*
Treasures on Earth October, 1982 Rhonda Nemmers & Penny Stewart*
Butterfiles are Free May, 1982 Mike Deaton & Maria Sinley
My Fair Lady March, 1982 Bryan Healy & Cindy Healy* Maria Sinley
Hot Line to Heaven December, 1981 Frances Murry & Bud Smoot*
The Real Inspector Hound and Fibber McGee & Molly "The Man In The Street" May, 1981 Mike Deaton & John Nemmers* and Bill Maddox & Wanda Van Vark*
Fiddler on the Roof March, 1981 Bob Van Drimmelen & Bob Cohn* Barb Anderson
Teahouse of the August Moon December, 1980 Frances Murry & Bryan Healy*
Mary, Mary September, 1980 Melinda Campbell, Cindy Healy* & Joyce Hornbaker
California Suite May, 1980 Linda Campbell & Bill Maddex
Hello Dolly March, 1980 Linda Perrenoud, Cindy Healy* & Wanda Van Vark* Suzanne Von Seggern
Harvey December, 1979 Rick Vander Wall & John Nemmers*
Night Watch October, 1979 Melinda Campbell & Suzanne Von Seggern*
God's Favorite May, 1979 Mike Deaton & Rhonda Nemmers*
Sound of Music March, 1979 Cindy Healy & Melinda Campbell* Lois Egenes
My Three Angels December, 1978 Bill Perrenoud & Rhonda Nemmers*
Gazebo October, 1978 Frances Murry & Bud Smoot*
No Sex Please - We're British May, 1978 Mike Deaton & Cindy Healy*
South Pacific March, 1978 Linda Perrenoud & Wanda Van Vark* Warren Erickson & Barbara Anderson
Here Lies Jeremy Troy December, 1977 Frances Murry & Barb Woythaler*
Witness for the Prosecution October, 1977 Joe Urias & Joyce Boles*
You Can't Take it with You April, 1977 Bill Perrenoud & Paul Grossnickle*
Two by Two February, 1977 Liz Jones Warren Erickson
Arsenic and Old Lace December, 1976 Bob Van Drimmelen & Bob Cohn*
Stories of America October, 1976 Bill Perrenoud & Barb Woythaler* Marcy Van Peursen & Linda Cordes
Yankee Doodle July, 1976 Charles Betts, Jaci McDermott* & Linda Perrenoud* Thomas Netzel
6 RMS RIV VU May, 1976 Linda Perrenoud & Bill Perrenoud*
Music Man March, 1976 Liz Jones & Lois Egenes* Olga Hoffman
Lovers and Other Strangers April, 1975 Linda Campbell & Ann Krumm
Anything Goes February, 1975 Liz Jones Sandy Scott
Forty Carrets November, 1974 Judy Hawkins & Joe Urias*
Crown Matrimonial October, 1974 Frances Murry & Joyce Boles*
The Moon is Blue May, 1974 Liz Jones & Warren Erickson*
Carousel March, 1974 Judy Hawkins & Leland Smith* John Keller
The Fantastics November, 1973 Liz Jones & Margee Smoot* Sandy Scott
Everyone Loves Opal October, 1973 Frances Murry & Judy Hawkins*
Plaza Suite April, 1973 Linda Campbell & Ann Krumm
1776 February, 1973 Gerald Zarley & Joy Faust* Warren Erickson
Catch Me if You Can December, 1972 Bob Van Drimmelen & Liz Wegner*
Bell, Book and Candle October, 1972 Winnona McGee & Gean Scarbrough
Damn Yankees April, 1972 Liz Jones & Mary Ann Borst* Wareen Erickson
Waiting in the Wings February, 1972 Frances Murry & Joy Faust*
Don't Drink the Water November, 1971 Winnona McGee & Mark Pullen*
The Star-Spangled Girl October, 1971 Larry Fridlington & Marcy Van Peursem*
Brigadoon April, 1971 Larry Fridlington Charles Elliott
Cactus Flower February, 1971 Marlys Mullen & Max Borst*
The Best Man December, 1970 Frances Murry & James Davis*
Barefoot in the Park October, 1970 Liz Jones & Frank Lindsay*
Janus April, 1970 John Gilger & Robert Van Drimmelen*
Oklahoma February, 1970 Bob Cohn & Frances Murry* Olga Hoffman
Hostile Witness October, 1969 Frances Murry & Max Borst*
Hansel & Gretel August, 1969 James R. Ashcraft & Romdi Ilstrup*
Ladies in Retirement April, 1969 Larry Fridlington & John Gilger*
Odd Couple February, 1969 Phil Grout & Marilyn Humke*
Send Me no Flowers October, 1968 Liz Jones & Frank Lindsay*
Third Best Sport April, 1968 Virginia Smith & Ramah Walker*
Doll House February, 1968 Judy Levis & John Daleiden*
Little Mary Sunshine November, 1967 Frances Murry, Reve Nelson* & Frances Wert Larry Fridlington
Never Too Late April, 1967 Martin Ogden & Marlene Bang*
Harriet February, 1967 Frances Murry & Martin Ogden*
Man in the Dog Suit November, 1966 Bob Cohn & Marilyn Smaniotto*
Philadelphia Story April, 1966 Betty Witherall & Katherine Koob
The Mouse Trap February, 1966 Phil Grout & Judi Koch*
Kiss Me Kate October, 1965 Katherine Koob & Frank Kruse* Olga Hoffman
Lily the Felon's Daughter March, 1965 Larry Fridlington & Viriginia Dix* Beth Lindsay
Three in the Round February, 1965 Liz Jones, Judi Lavis & Robert Gilliam
Visit to a Small Plant November, 1964 Bob Cohn & Judy Levis*
Tender Trap October, 1963 Phil Grout, Mrs. William Harrison* & James Michaup*
Bus Stop March, 1963 Frances Murry & Bob Cohn*