by Brian Mitchell

Directed by Mary Thompson and Mel Wilson
Show Dates 
May 31st, June 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th: 2013

Whoever said life is better after fifty had better be right! George Thomas is turning fifty on Saturday, and it has been a terrible week. His dog is sick, his son is a slacker, and his daughter wants to marry a Republican. With a neurotic wife and a widowed neighbor providing more challenges than even George can overcome, this may be the worst week of his life. Through these trying days, George will discover the wonders of family, the responsibilities of parenthood, and the results of his latest physical. The Big Five-Oh is a hilarious, sometimes touching account of a grown man coming to terms with his age, his relationship with his son, and his future. It is the story of a middle-aged man finally growing up.


Marie Thomas.....Julie Schaeffer
George Thomas.....Scott Schaeffer
Julie Thomas.....Kristine Perkins
Eric Thomas.....Zach Bey
Douglas.....Steve Barnett
Kathy Walters.....Karen Quinn
Sara Donavan.....Jennifer Esrey

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Pam Ratliff

Poster: Kristine Perkins
Playbill: Sue Beukema & Newton Daily News
Light Crew: Meredith McKay
Set Crew: Frank Sposeto, Perry Thompson, Jordan Bainbridge
Paint Crew: Tammy Sposeto, Lonnie Appleby, Linda Shaffer, Stormy Storm, Meredith McKay
Costumes: Cast
Sound: John Dougan
Props: Mickey Van Baale, Linda Shaffer, Kathy Sanders
Make-up: Pete Sciarrotta, Cindy Healy and Cast

Special Thanks
Dave's Wholesale Furniture