Written by Faye Couch Reeves

Directed by:  Sue Beukema & Pam Ratliff

Performances:  December 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th : 2014

Mona Malone, famous for her role as the “scream queen” in Hollywood horror flicks, must do 200 hours of community service. A judge is persuaded by Mona’s attorney to let her spend them directing the annual Christmas play in his tiny hometown of Comfort. When Mona and her pre-conceived ideas about small towns meet the wacky residents of Comfort and their pre-conceived ideas, sparks fly. The residents know exactly how they want to do the play — after all, they’ve been doing it exactly the same way for 20 years! But Mona wants big changes. As the work progresses, however, it’s the town that changes Mona. She begins to make peace with her life, her goals and the faith she had left behind. Along the way, Mona’s assistant finds her voice and the local drama teacher remembers her own lesson of what theater can give to the actors and the audience — even in a small town far from Broadway. Laughter and the traditional music of Christmas fill the stage with warmth as the people of Comfort help Mona learn a big lesson about fame, faith and the fact that a long time ago in Bethlehem, a child was born for everyone — including the famous Mona Malone.

Cast List

Role Actor
Court Reporter / Man Michael Myers
Judge Jacob Ervin
Renee / Woman / Jill Amy Moore
Mona Malone Stephanie Bantell
Sam Conor Fudge
Charlotte Debbie LaShomb
Hal John Dougan
Darla Brooks Jenny Swersie
Laura Ellen Schumann
George Dan Schlup
Ed Norbin Matthew LaShomb
Grandma Moses Karen Quinn
Jan Brenda Steenhoek
Jane Linda Dougan
Joe Jacob Ervin
Mrs. Bliss Robin Stoner
Roger Lane Rose
Joanie Victoria Reynolds
Jean Darian Morrison
Jeffrey Noah Tremel
Jackson Eli Steenhoek
Susie Lilyan Headlee
Abby Haley Sevenbergen
Lulu Moriah Reynolds
Aaron Nicholas Tremel
Krissy Annabelle Prime
Leanne Natalie Camp
Brittany Lakin Jenkins
Brian Kyle Hansen
Charlene Bailey Van Sickle
Lisa Alayna Reynolds
Amber Grace Kingery
Tina Makalya Kellener
Barbi Riley Terlouw
Wendy Jaryn Froah
Abby Ambroson
Chloe Butler
Kiara Butler
Kya Butler
Hanna Clark
Liam Dougan
Bryar Hill
Kellan Hill
Autumn Hunt
Claire Hunt
Caroline Kelleher
Reed Klingensmith
Chase Kolpin
Clay Lamb
Devin Lamb
Riley Lester
Talbot Mastio
Ella Price
Sophia Reynolds
Haley Rinehart
Jana Sevenbergen
Abbi Swersie
Rachel Swersie
Sam Swersie
Laura Wyre