Newton Community Theatre

Hot Flashes

By Kate Finn & Rick Weiss

Performed at the Iowa Community Theatre Association
March 6th & 7th: 2009
Pearson Lakes Art Center
Okoboji, Iowa

Scene 1: The Procto-Lounge Dinner Tehatre, 1996
     I Am Women, Hear Me Snore
     I Will Not Age
     Sally Secretary

Scene 2: Fabulous Procto-Lines Cruise Ship, 2006
     In The Nude
     Don't Worry, You'll be Fine

Scene 3: Serenity Pines Global Retirement Village, 2006
     When I was Seventeen
     Senior Moments
     You're Never Too Old to Rock

Cast of Characters
Sharon - Sandy Olsthoorn
Marvela - Mary Ellen Wadzinski
Kate - Linda Perrenoud
Lynn - Judy Richmond
Announcer - Terry Faidley

Production Team
Director - Pauline Hesson
Piano - Greta Wallace
Piano II & Music Director - Cathi Wickett
Crew: Sue Beukema, Tim Blount, Wanda Blount, Ryan Hall, Mel Wilson

Produced with special arrangements by Select Entertainment Productions, LLC