Production Staff
Stage Manager:                        Ellen Schumann
Stage Crew:                             Mike Myers, Megan Shores
Poster:                                     Kristine Perkins
Set Design:                              Harvey Olsthoorn
Set Construct & Paint:       Lynette Baker, Sue Beukema, John Dougan,
                                              Linda Dougan, Jamie Grout,
                                              Emigdio Lopez-Sanders, Andy Malsom,
                                              Mark Monroe, Karn Quinn, Harvey Olsthoorn,
                                              Dan Schlup, Ellen Schumann
New York Window Scene:     
Costumes:                               Sue Beukema & cast
Light & Sound:                        Andy Malsom, Karen Quinn
Sound:                                     Jordan Leckband, Bill Goodman
Props:                                     Linda Dougan 
Make-up:                                Cindy Healy, Pete Sciarrotta

Special Thanks
Flashback in Valley Junction
Hy-Vee, Grinnell Store Manager, John Goerdt
Dan’s Sandwich Shop

By Neil Simon

Directed by:  Jamie Grout & Marilyn Humke

Production: May 30th, 31st, June 5th, 6th & 7th: 2014

This classic comedy opens as a group of the guys assembled for cards in the apartment of divorced Oscar Madison. And if the mess is any indication, it's no wonder that his wife left him. Late to arrive is Felix Unger who has just been separated from his wife. Fastidious, depressed and none too tense, Felix seems suicidal, but as the action unfolds Oscar becomes the one with murder on his mind when the clean-freak and the slob ultimately decide to room together with hilarious results as The Odd Couple is born.


Speed - Mike McKenna
Murray - Andy Malsom
Roy - John Dougan
Vinnie - Mark Monroe
Oscar Madison - Chris Johnson
Felix Unger - Kelly Peavey
Gwendolyn Pigeon - Lynette Baker
Cecily Pigeon - Cara McCulley

Stage Manager: Ellen Schumann
Makeup: Cindy Healy
Props: Linda Dougan