Mary Smith – Kathy Ashburn

Barbara Smith – Tammy Bainbridge

John Smith – Travis Padget

Detective Sergeant Troughton- Ben Ringgenberg

Stanley Gardner – Lonnie Appleby

Newspaper Reporter – Janet Wiand

Detective Sergeart Porterhouse – Dan Schlup

Bobby Franklyn – Mike McKenna


Production Staff

Stage Managers                Mel Wilson

Poster/Playbill Design     Stephanie Alexander

Set                                    Chuck Richmond, Chuck Smith, 

                                         Judy Richmond, Dan Schlup

Paint Crew                        Lonnie Appleby, Tammy Bainbridge,

                                         Alexa Bainbridge,J ordan Bainbridge,

                                          Sam Schwartz, Linda Malsom

Costumes                          Cast

Props                                 Mel Wilson

Lights                                Pam Ratliff, Michael Talbot

Sound                                Janet Wiand

Written by: Ray Cooney

Directed by: Mary Thompson & Lorie Blumeyer

Production: June 6th, 7th, 12th & 13th: 2008

John Smith may seem like an ordinary taxi driver, but he has been keeping a big secret. He has a loving wife named Mary in a flat in Wimbledon, and he has ANOTHER loving wife named Barbara who lives in a different flat only four minutes away. When he heroically attempts to save an old woman from two muggers, he gets bashed by her handbag and receives attention, not just from the hospital, but from the police. When two different detective begin asking too many questions, John must rush back and forth between his two wives, trying to untangle the marital mess he has made. To make matters worse, John's unemployed, moronic friend Stanley Gardner tries to help in the deception, but that simply leads to more hi-jinks when the police detective believes that John and Stanley are gay.