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Cast & Crew & Their Families

Showcase Coordinators: Sue Beukema & Jim Cleere

Production: August 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th & 25th: 2001


It's A Grand Night: Cast
A Girl Who Can't Say No: Christina Kostes
Harmonica Guy: Gregg Woods
Five Hundred Miles: Annette Kopsa
Never Again, Again: Patty Richards
Will Your Lawyer Talk to God for You:
Let's Go Fly A Kite: Kids Group
Portrait Studio:
Saga of Jenny: Verna Christopher
City of New Orleans: Bill Kopsa
Jesus Will Still Be There: Harmony Girls
Edelwise: Joy Stout & Kids group
Space Cowboy: Jessica Rinehart
Joys of Vacationing: Remona Morgan


Crazy: Nia Whistler
Boots are Made for Walking: Nia Whistler
Questions: Bill Kopsa
Adeles Laughing Song: Whitney Hansen
Again: Paige Hansen
Memories: Barb Wilcox
My Guy / Shoop Shoop Song: Harmony Girls
On My Own: Holly Jones
Thy Word: Jessica Christopher & Julie Beukema
I'm Herbert: Arvin Van Zante & Dottie McGee
I Would Have Loved You: Janet Hardenbrook
Calendar Girl: Andy Malsom
Give My Regards: Jim Cleere & cast


Piano: Jill Clapper, Janet Hardenbrook Greta Wallace

Kids Group: Julie Beukema, Anna Christopher, Isabelle Christopher, JEssica Christopher, Alix Crawford, Courtney Hammond,
Joel Hammond, Austin, Brittany McKinney, Lauren Morgan

Portrait Studio: Andy Malsom, Linda Malsom, Jon Lieble,
Jean Cleere. Written by John Christopher

Harmony Girls: Kathy Ashburn, Sue Beukema, Betty Carr,
Verna Christopher, Janet Hardenbrook, Annette Kopsa,
Christina Kostes, Missi Mitchell, Joy Stout

City of New Orleans: Andy Malsom, Annette Kopsa, Austin Kopsa, Linda Malsom, Joseph Malsom

Calendar Girls: Verna Christopher, Jessica Christopher,
Linda Malsom, Julie Beukema, Jean Cleere, Nia Whistler,
Remona Morgan, Kathy Ashburn, Jennifer Beukema, Chrissy Kostes, Anna Christopher, Janet Hardenbrook


Showcase Audition Committee: Sue Beukema, Jim Cleere,
Bobbette Palmer, Judy Petersen, Pam Ratliff, Greta Wallace

Stage Manager: Bobbette Palmer

Post/Cover Design: Wand Blount

Costumes: Sue Beukema and cast

Kids Coordinator: Jennifer Beukema

Lights: Tim Blount, Wanda Blount, Pam Ratliff

Set: John Taylor, Bill Kopsa, Gary Kopsa, Lynette Baker