Special Thanks

Hy-Vee Floral (Set Decorations)

Hy-Vee East (Green Room)

News Printing Company (Programs)

Newton Clown Club (Ushers)

Reese Funeral Home (Posters)

Cast & Crew & Their Families 

Summer Showcase Coordinator: Sue Beukema

Production: August 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th & 28th: 1999


No Business, Like Show Business: Jim Cleere
Sentimental Journey: Carolyn McKinstry
Anything You Can Do: Linda Perrenoud & Bryan Healy
Now That I've Seen Her: Stephanie Britton
Doe Rae Me: Kids Group
Can't Help Lovin That Man: Sandra Olsthoorn
Wishing You Were Here: Whitney Hansen
On My Own: Christina Kostes
Who's On First: John Taylor & Tony Horton
Little Girls: Carolyn McKinstry
Hard Knock Life: Kids Group
Adoni: Laura Wiley
Shoes: Harmony Girls
The Great Divide: Harmony Girls
Angel: Bethany Trotter
Take Me Out To The Ballgame: Newton Clown Club
Matchmaker: Barb, Jessica & Bethany
California Dream': Mama's & Papa's
Monday, Monday: Mama's & Papa's
Dedicated to the One I love


Boogie Woogie: Harmony GIrls
Bill Bailey: Linda Perrenoud
Little Old Lady From Pasedena: Carolyn McKinstry
Broken Wing: Rochelle Six
Does He Love You: Linda VerSteegt & Sue Beukema
The Rose: Bethany Trotter
Romande de Amor: Adam Taylor
Pretty Woman: John Taylor
Love of Family: Rochelle Six
My Heart WIll Go On: Laura Wiley
Phantom Selections: Suzanne Von Seggern & Bryan Healy
No Business, Like Show Business 


Master of Ceremonies: Jim Cleere
Piano: Jill Clapper, Barry Hurto, Deb Merrill, Greta Wallace & Stephanie Britton
Bass: Eric O'Leary
Flute: Amy Trease
Drums: Pat Griffin
Guitar: Adam Taylor

Kids Group: Julie Beukema, Jessica Healy, Katie Healy,
Michael Healy, Thomas Healy, Aaron Kopsa, Austin Kopsa,
Lucas Otto, Bethany Trotter, Barb Wilcox, Adena Worthington

Harmony Girls: Kathy Ashburn, Sue Beukema, Stephanie Britton, Verna Christopher, Christina Kostes, Judie O'Connor, Rochelle Six, Joy Stout, Linda Ver Steegt

Mama's & Papa's: Lea Chabot, Sandra Olsthoorn, Bill Kopsa,
Gary Kopsa


Summer Showcase Audition Committee: Kathy Ashburn,
Dan Critchfield, Judie O'Connor, Eric O'Leary, Bobbette Palmer,
Judy Petersen, Pam Ratliff, Gerard Schwickerath, Greta Wallace

Costumes: Sue Beukema, Melinda Worthington and cast

Kids Coordinators: Suzanna Von Seggern & Melinda Worthington

Lights: Tim Blount, Wanda Blount, Matt Taylor

Props: Judy Petersen

Publicity: Eric O'Leary, John Taylor and cast

Set: Harvey Olsthoorn

Stage Manager: Bobbette Palmer