The symbolism of leaving rocks on tombstones is one of the remembrance and a sign of respect. The living leave rocks on top of the tombstones to show the dead that they are not forgotten

Directors: Pam Ratliff, Gerard Schwickerath & Nancy Schwickerath

Production: October 10th, 11th, 16th 17th & 18th: 2003


Ida: Kathy Ashburn
Doris: Judy Richmond
Lucille: Julie Goodman
Mildred: Carolyn McKinstry
Sam: Terry Mapes


Stage Manager: Bobbette Palmer

Set Design: John Taylor, Julie Goodman

Set Builders: John Taylor, Julie Goodman, Bill Goodman,
Chuck Richmond, Terry Mapes

Poster/Cover: Wanda Blount

Prop Mistress: Judy Peterson

Props: Judy Peterson, Mary Thompson, Julie Goodman,
Gerard Schwickerath, Judy Richmond, Kathy Ashburn, Pam Ratliff, Babbette Palmer, Nancy Schwickerath, John Taylor

Stage Crew: Bobbette Palmer, Judy Peterson, Mary Thompson, Nancy Schwickerath, Gerard McGee, Winonah McGee,
Chuck Richmond, Lori Hackathorn

Light Design: Tim Blount

Light Crew: Tim Blount, Wanda Blount, John Taylor

Costumes: Sue Beukema and cast

Sound Design: Pam Ratliff

Sound Crew: Cathi Wickett

Special Thanks
David Ratliff
Andy Ratliff
Marvin & Eunie Meyer
Mandy Vander Schel - Postive Images
Pat Lindly